With our ever changing world, there is more need to stay connected to your home.

Residential VideoSAH, Inc offers video surveillance systems that can be viewed from anywhere you are around the world. Go on vacation and see what is happening at home. Have children coming home on their own after school? You can now see them come through the door and know who might be with them.

Products range from wireless cameras that are connected to your home router or hardwired Analog or IP cameras with a DVR/NVR on site for local recording and online access. Our sales staff will discuss your concerns and provide a quote for the options that best fit your application.

  • Local recording on a DVR/NVR with playback and USB port
  • App accessible with smart phone or tablet
  • Viewing accessible from any Internet location

Video Monitoring

Stay connected to your home or business from anywhere you go through a mobile app or Internet location.

Have a high security location or want the extra level of security???

We now provide Video Verified Monitoring Service. This service provides the customer with the next level of verification to a true alarm condition and at the same time providing a picture of the situation occurring.